Planning is
Rocket Science

we solve it for you.

The Routing Engine
SQUBER computes most optimized routes for your business needs.
Upload Vehicles

Just upload vehicle numbers and its capacities from an excel sheet...

Add Locations

Upload all the locations or addreses with load factor, just excel upload is sufficient...

Compute your Routes

Wait for your resuluts...

Why Us?
  • Years of R&D with O.R tools
  • Proprietary Algorithims
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Helped many customers succeed
Manual Routing Problems
  • Impossible to consider millions of permutations and combinations
  • Takes Months of iterations to reach resonable routing solution
  • Need lot of trail runs and involves cost
  • Auotmates Routing for the entire fleet in short time
  • Optimizes all the routes, hence saves huge operaing costs
  • Reduces travel time to most entities
  • Time tested Algorithms
  • Any number of iteratoions until customer statisfies with all routes
  • Dynamically change of way points order
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